Reasons for damage of idlers
From the point of view of the technical quality level of the idler and the service environment, the main reasons for the damage of the idler are as follows:
一、托辊的密封性能差,轴承被淋水或粉尘污染:为了尽量减小托辊的旋转阻力,基本上都是采用迷宫式密封结构。目前,国内外所有的迷宫式密封结构,都是拍脑门设计出来的,没有原理的根据,都不能阻止淋水和粉尘对轴承的污染保定平面设计培训 保定室内设计培训   保定厨房排烟 雄安管道通风 。众所周知,迷宫式密封的间隙大时,密封的效果不好。因此,人们绞尽脑汁,尽可能将迷宫式密封的间隙设计的很小、相互嵌入的深、层数(或道数)多,或者是圆弧形等,以期达到理想的密封效果,岂不知,这是很大的一个误区。迷宫式密封的间隙小,只能有所减缓淋水和粉尘的污染速度,远不能达到理想的效果。并且,迷宫式密封腔内填充的润滑脂,又大幅度增加了托辊的旋转阻力。
1. The sealing performance of the idler is poor, and the bearing is contaminated by water or dust. In order to minimize the rotary resistance of the idler, the labyrinth sealing structure is basically adopted. At present, all the labyrinth seal structures at home and abroad are designed by patting the head. Without the basis of principle, they can not prevent the pollution of water and dust on bearings. It is well known that when the gap of labyrinth seal is large, the sealing effect is not good. Therefore, people rack their brains to design the gap of labyrinth seals as small as possible, with the depth of mutual embedding, with more layers (or passages) or arcs, in order to achieve the ideal sealing effect. Don't you know, this is a big misunderstanding. The labyrinth seal has small clearance, which can only slow down the pollution speed of water and dust, and can not achieve the desired effect. Moreover, the lubricating grease filled in the labyrinth seal chamber greatly increases the rotary resistance of the idler.
Therefore, the longest service life of all idlers at home and abroad is less than 10,000 hours and the shortest service life is only 2000 hours in the harsh environment such as water or dust.
In about an hour, the period of bearing failure due to contamination can not be predicted at all.
There are two kinds of damage phenomena:
1. When the rotating resistance increases, the circumference of the pipe body is quickly worn through.
2. Bearing jammed tube body was grinded out a hole.
It is reported that foreign countries have placed chemical reaction gases in the tube, so that the pressure inside the roller tube is greater than the pressure of the outside air, in order to prevent pollutants from entering the labyrinth seal, which can not achieve long-term results. There is only one solution: bearings must be guaranteed never to be polluted. In 2003, we discovered the principle of water or dust entering labyrinth seal in the process of research and development, which is also a new discovery of human beings. According to this principle, a labyrinth seal structure with water and dust can never pass through the outermost first seal is designed, so that the bearings can run in good lubrication for a long time and reach a normal service life of more than 100,000 hours.
2. Pollution of slurry pollutants to idlers: When the water in coal mine is large, the slurry adhering to the tape falls to the support and idler axle at both ends of idlers. The falling hardens first and then accumulates until the end of the idler is reached.
The surface is completely sealed. The slime that continues to fall forms a height difference with the labyrinth seal chamber. Under the action of pressure difference, slime can easily enter labyrinth sealed contaminated bearing.youguan.89ix.combaotaji.75ix.comfensanji.75ix.com hszhuangxiu.89ix.comjiaquanq.75ix.com chunbing.75ix.com The solution is simple and ingenious: to make a protruding "scavenger" on the rotating seal cover, which has no effect on the resistance of the idler, and to remove the fallen sludge in time to prevent the sludge from accumulating on the end of the idler.
There is no pressure difference, so as to achieve the effect that the sludge does not enter the seal.
三、托辊两端轴承位置不同轴度超差,轴承强行旋转而早期损坏:由于机械加工的累计误差和焊接变形,造成托辊两端轴承位置的不同轴度超出了轴承允许的精度范围,不但使托辊的旋转阻力增大,加速管体和胶带之间的磨损,耗费电力,轴承的寿命也会大打折扣(在良好润滑情况下,旋转阻力1N的托辊,轴承使用寿命达到15万小时;旋转阻力3N的托辊,轴承使用寿命5万小时;旋转阻力5—8N的托辊,轴承使用寿命达不到1万小时)。解决方法是:改进托辊生产工艺,使托辊的旋转阻力平均≤1N 。我们公司研制成功的托辊管体不加工大过盈装配工艺,避免了因机械加工或焊接变形过程中产生的误差,保证了托辊两端轴承位置的不同轴度
3. Over-tolerance of bearing position at both ends of idler, forced rotation of bearing and early damage: Because of the accumulated error of mechanical processing and welding deformation, the different axes of bearing position at both ends of idler exceed the allowable precision range of bearing, which not only increases the rotating resistance of idler, but also accelerates wear and tear between pipe body and belt. In good lubrication condition, the service life of the roller with rotating resistance of 1N will reach 150,000 hours; the roller with rotating resistance of 3N will have a service life of 50,000 hours; and the roller with rotating resistance of 5-8N will have a service life of less than 10,000 hours. The solution is to improve the production process of the idler so that the average resistance of the idler to rotation is less than 1N. Our company has developed a large interference assembly process for idler tube without machining, which avoids errors caused by mechanical processing or welding deformation and ensures different axes of bearing positions at both ends of idler.
The average rotating resistance is less than 1 N and the service life of the bearing is less than 0.05 mm, which ensures that the service life of the bearing reaches 150,000 hours.
4. Serious wear and tear of materials on the roller body: In coking plant, sintering or pelletizing plant, conveying steel slag and wet slag in iron and steel industry, hard and sharp materials are adhered to the tape, and the roller tube body wears quickly.
For example, in Shanxi Lubao Coking Plant, the parallel lower idler was broken in 10-15 days; on the P301 belt conveyor of Baosteel Iron and Steel Works, the rubber surface of the parallel lower idler was ground in 3 months; and on the belt conveyor of steel slag in Jinan Steel Works, there were more than one belt conveyor.
月管体就被磨漏;广西来宾B电厂输送炉渣的皮带机托辊,寿命不超3个月,不胜枚举。解决方法是在保证托辊转动灵活度和密封性能的前提下,提高管体的耐磨性能。我们公司目前有两种方法:1、包裹汽车轮胎橡胶耐磨层托辊,改变了尖锐物料与金属钢管的摩擦磨损机理,耐磨性提高20—30倍。例如在焦化厂 15天托辊被磨断的位置,包裹汽车轮胎橡胶耐磨层托辊的使用寿命可达到2年以上;2、模压成型的超高分子量聚乙烯托辊,该托辊的耐磨性仅次于汽车轮胎橡胶,另具有重量轻、无噪音、耐腐蚀锈蚀、省电、不伤胶带、安装方便,降低劳动强度等显著的特点。 
Monthly tube is worn out; the service life of belt conveyor idler for conveying slag in Laibin B Power Plant in Guangxi is not more than 3 months, which can be enumerated. The solution is to improve the wear resistance of the pipe body on the premise of ensuring the rotational flexibility and sealing performance of the idler. Our company currently has two methods: 1. wrapping the wear-resistant layer roller of automobile tire rubber, changing the friction and wear mechanism of sharp material and metal steel pipe, and improving the wear resistance by 20-30 times. For example, the service life of the rubber wear-resistant layer roller wrapped in automobile tyres can reach more than 2 years at the position where the idler is broken in 15 days in coking plant. 2. The wear resistance of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene idler moulded by moulding is second only to that of automobile tyre rubber, and it also has light weight, no noise, corrosion resistance, electricity saving and no injury. Tape, easy installation, reduce labor intensity and other notable features.  
5. Serious corrosion of roller body: Coal wears very little on roller and belt. However, in coal mine and coal washery, the damage of steel pipe roller body is serious, besides poor rotational flexibility and wear, the corrosion of steel pipe roller body caused by sulfur in water is quite serious. Mines with small sulphur content, flexible rotating steel pipe roller, 4.5 mm thick pipe body, corroded


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